Today, I Bought a House

Today, I bought a house.

As a single, twenty-something female, I became a first-time homeowner and it feels surreal. Mainly because this isn’t what I had pictured.


As a little girl, I dreamed of the day I would buy a home and move in. In this dream, I was engaged and buying the home with the man who would be my husband. The home would be perfect, with enough space to grow as we had children together.

Funny how the Lord takes our plans and just says, “Haha, think again. Here’s what’s really gonna happen.”

Two years ago, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. The plans I had were removed from my life and I didn’t have any goals for myself that didn’t revolve around those plans. So I sat. I thought. I prayed. And I made goals for myself.

First was to buy a car before my 24th birthday. Second was to buy a house before my 26th birthday. I made a commitment to work for these goals, and to not worry about waiting for my future husband. My life was not going to sit and wait, the Lord doesn’t want us to wait and ponder. He wants us to live our life, because He has plans for us.

These goals required action, they weren’t just going to happen. So, I began to take tithing seriously. When the Lord tells us that He will bless us when we obey Him, guys, He is a promise keeper. There were some months where I would think “I don’t have to tithe, I need it for ___.” Guess what; those months money was tighter than when I would tithe. I want to stress this so much: tithing is so important as a Christian! He blesses us, we obey by giving back to Him, and He blesses us even more! He is loving and faithful.

I also began saving like crazy. I’m a penny pincher to begin with, and living with my parents helped me to be able to save a lot, but it takes a conscious effort to save. It’s not easy, but the end result is worth it.

So today, when I signed my life away and became a home owner, I thought about what I dreamed it would be like as a little girl, and then I thought about what was really the case today. In my dream, my husband was one of the reasons I was able to buy a home. But today, I accomplished this on my own with the Lord. Being able to buy a home at 25, as a single woman, is pretty difficult. This story is one that shows God’s promises being fulfilled, that He has the best in mind for His children, and will help them accomplish goals/dreams if He is the center of them all.


The Little Brick House is a home that I bought from my cousins, is the perfect size for me, and will give me the opportunity to make it my very own. I will get to host friends and family, and share with them the joy that is God. I’m thankful for a Daddy who knows how to do it all (& his friends to help him), for a Mom who keeps me levelheaded, and for a Father who whispers grace in the midst of the craziness to say that He loves me.

I hope you’ll follow the journey of #TheLittleBrickHouse, and my journey as I learn home reno skills & how to cook for one person. I’ll be sharing with you my one room makeovers as we complete the house room by room. I’m excited, a little scared, and incredibly grateful.


Til next time, friends