how He loves us

how He loves us

My cousins and I have filled in at our church with the Youth Group for the last four months. Our Youth ministers resigned on New Years’ Day of this year and we stepped in, a little blindly.

We had all three volunteered and served with our students previously. Jared taught Sunday School, Jamie is the Pastoral intern, and I served often to help Chris and Carrie. But we had no idea what it meant, especially me, to really step into that role.

I’ve told everyone who has asked about it the last few months, that it’s been one of the greatest blessings. I’ve been stressed and pulled in different ways. I’ve been busier than normal. I’ve cried. I’ve felt unworthy of this task. But seeing these students enjoy church? Building relationships with these kids? Seeing them grow in their walk with the Lord? It’s priceless. I never knew I could feel such joy, such pride, such thankfulness for them. I wouldn’t trade any of it for any thing.

Tonight in our youth service, Tyler, Anna, and Jared led us in the song “How He Loves.” I’ve heard this song a lot: in college, on the radio, and at church. Tonight, as our time stepping in gets closer to an end, it was special. The love that I’ve developed for these kids, for these students, is nothing compared to the love that the Lord has for me, for them, for everyone.

Think about it: the same God that created every thing in the world, created you. The all powerful, all knowing, all present Lord created you, loves you, and wants to know you. The love He has for us is bigger than the sky, more than we could imagine, and is our saving grace!

The song goes “He is jealous for me; loves like a hurricane, I am a tree. Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.” His love is powerful. We are weightless compared to this great love that He offers us. I was reminded tonight that the love I have for these students and the prayer I have for them to know Jesus and to live for Him, is so minute compared to the love and prayer that Jesus has for all of us to know Him. It’s incredible and so humbling to think about. How faithful is the Lord to give me this reminder tonight! He knows exactly what His children need and when they need it. I needed His whisper of grace tonight.

Friends- the Lord loves you. His prayer is that we know Him and accept His gift of salvation. Think of who or what you love most in this world. The Lord’s love for us is incomparable to that, infinitely greater. Jesus has paid it all. All we have to do is accept His love and gift of salvation. Let His love be apparent in your life.


Until next time,


One thought on “how He loves us

  1. Kathy Harrrll says:

    You are truly a gift from God. I know God has His hand on you . You are chosen my sweet girl to do great and mighty things in your life🙏💕


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