Accountability and its importance

encourage one another

Through college and into my adult years, I’ve learned a few of things about life. My Granny has taught me how to cook sweet potato soufflé, I learned how to do my taxes, and I’ve learned that you truly don’t find out who you are until later in life.

I’ve grown a lot as a person and as a Christian since I graduated high school. My sophomore year of college I lived with 7 girls who were weird, loud, crazy, and froze me to death in our dorm. They made me laugh until I cried, they encouraged me, and they gave me some of my favorite college memz. These girls showed me what it was like and how important it was to have people and a community that hold you accountable. Take a look at this gem from college below (a couple girls are missing):


My junior year, Caitlyn’s sweet mama led us all in a Bible study. The other girls were about to graduate and I was going to be entering college without them. There was a lot of changes coming up and we were seeking His truth and encouragement in it all.

I can’t express how precious those sessions were to me. How precious it was that Lou-Lyn took the time to drive an hour to Anderson, cook us a whole meal, and then drive another hour home every week, just to pour into us. I began to see how important community and accountability really was in the maturity of a Christian’s relationship with the Lord. It encouraged me to join a women’s small group through my church once I graduated college.

I’m fortunate enough to have two groups of women that I look up to, that encourage me, that pray over me. They listen to my struggles, my fear, my frustrations, and they don’t judge me. They don’t mock me. They remind me of my worth, of my strength, and of my Heavenly Father that loves me unconditionally.

When it gets tough, when you want to give in to something that feels good but you know is wrong, when you feel like no one is in your corner.. Community and accountability partners are there to lift you up and encourage you. They remind you that the Lord is always good and that He always has His children’s best interest in the forefront of His will for our lives.

Overall, friends, accountability is important. The Bible tells us that as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). Who we associate ourselves with, who encourages us, and who we seek counsel from helps shape us into who we are. Find your community, find your people, and make sure that they are worthy of the honor of sharpening you and who you are.

So- who holds you accountable? Who are you holding accountable?