Hello, 2017


Happy New Year, y’all. It’s been a while since I last wrote but I haven’t really felt led to know what to write. I would think of topics, sit down, and the words would just jumble together and not make any sense. So today I’m going to try. I’m going to try because I want to write about 2016 and 2017. Bare with me, friends; I promise there will be a story in all of this.

2016 was a rollercoaster of a year. I experienced a lot of emotions, feelings, and different moments throughout the year. I experienced the ultimate heart break, emptiness, unknowingness, and fear. But, I also experienced joy, pride, and fulfillment. Unfortunately, it was one of those years when the bad overshadowed the good and I was more than ready to see the end of 2016.

I never make resolutions because I’ve never seen a point to them. For 2017 though, I’ve made two goals. The first is to be healthy again. Last year I didn’t work out, I ate unhealthy more times than not, and I was emotionally unhealthy. This year I made a goal for my physical health, my spiritual health and my emotional health. I want to be healthy, in shape, and feel good about myself, again.

The second goal is to fervently follow God’s plan and actively search for His truth. I’ve been blessed to have wonderful friends who do just that and they are such an encouragement to me. Today, two of my best friends displayed it by announcing that they will be leaving our church to accept God’s call to be student minister’s at another church. Sometimes having friends in the ministry can suck, if I’m going to be honest, because being in the ministry often means leaving. But, I am so encouraged by them and so excited for them to see what God has in store in this new chapter. I’m also really excited for future road trips to see them and sweet Addi that will join them in February.

So, shout out to God for already encouraging me in this year. I prayed for the ability to see His truth and ability to follow His plan. On the very first day, He encourages me through two of my best friends. He is a good, good Father, friends, and always wants the best for His children.

I’m hopeful for this year, and I’m excited to see what whispers of grace God shows me this year. There are a lot of exciting things to come. Two friends will welcome babies to their families, my Granny is going to continue to heal, and I’m chasing dreams. (I can’t wait to tell you those dreams, soon). It’s going to be a good year, friends. Make the most of it and always seek Him for guidance.


Until next time,


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