Whispers of Grace

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, and things have been quite crazy! My sweet Daddy had shoulder surgery, my best friend from college came to visit for my 24th birthday, and then my sister had surgery with nearly a week long hospital stay. Whew – it was a whirlwind.

During that time, I was able to think about what I wanted my next post to be about. Since my blog went live, I’ve had a few people ask me: “What are whispers of grace?” I love being able to answer this question so I thought it would be best to explain it to all of you on here.


During my life, when things go bad, I’ve had the tendency to tune others out; to shut down. During my teenage years I had a bad habit of keeping everything in until one day it all blew up. Vulnerability is scary. Trusting others is scary. And I hate being scared so I always tried to avoid those things. I’ve worked on that over the last few years and while it’s still hard to open up to people, it’s getting easier.

I’ve been using the phrase “whispers of grace” because for me, when I tune others out, I also tune out God. I don’t actively listen for Him. I don’t actively seek His words or comfort. They’re like whispers. Whispers are often hard to hear or understand unless you’re actively listening for them. Sometimes you don’t even realize they’re there until after it’s said and done with. To me, that’s what whispers of grace are.

When my Granny had her stroke in April, I only focused during that time on the bad, imagined the worst, and wasn’t seeking His words. I prayed for understanding and hope, but I didn’t actively look for that. All the while, He was whispering in my ear “Daughter, I have kept your grandma safe, she is still with you just like I am always with you.”

So I’m thankful for those whispers of grace throughout my life. Those “aha” moments when I realize what God is saying and showing to me. Those moments where I can revel in the wonder that God is and His ability to always get His words to me, even if I’m not actively seeking them. His faithfulness is astounding and always prevails.

I hope you seek His words, but I also hope that in those moments where you’re down and pull away, that you’ll always hear those whispers of grace.

Until next time friends,


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