A Year of Trials and Triumphs

The last year of my life has been one of the hardest for me. Beginning October 2015 with my sweet Granny breaking and having surgery on her femur and a shoulder surgery of my own, the past 12 months have been full of trials, with whispers of grace along the way.

This has truly been a season of complete heart-break, frustration, exhaustion, and then joy. Along the way, I had learned a lot about myself, my family, and my Savior. I dubbed my 2016 photo album on Facebook as “a year of growth,” and it really has been. I wanted to take a moment and share with you all a little about the two “game-changers.”

My Granny has always been one of my favorite people in the world. I’ve had the unique blessing of living next door to her and my Papa all of my life and for her to have been very healthy. Until now. Last October, she broke her femur and had surgery to repair it. In March, we found out the rod that was placed in it had broken in half and needed to be replaced with a steel plate. Mid-April, we took her to the hospital and was told that she had suffered a moderate stroke.


I like plans. I like knowing what’s going to happen. For nearly two years, I had my future planned out. I knew who I was going to marry. Where I was going to live. I had a plan. In January it all changed when my boyfriend and I ended our relationship. I was completely broken. I doubted my worth. I felt empty. Having added that to the strongest woman I know going through so much, it was hard.

In the following months, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time sitting and talking with my Grandparents. Spend time with my girlfriends. Serve at my church. Spend time celebrating my best friend of 20 years as we prepared for her wedding. Most importantly- I had the opportunity to make goals for myself. What was the hardest season of my life, was also a season that gave me whispers of grace.

God whispered grace to me when He kept my Granny’s stroke from taking her speech and memory.

God whispered grace to me when He took me out of a relationship and gave me the time to spend with my Grandparents and to help them any way I could.

God whispered grace to me by showing that I was enough when I was offered a new job in the career field that I love in an office that I enjoy, and a job that will help me achieve career and personal goals.

God whispered grace to me by giving me the time to spend with my two best friends by celebrating one’s wedding and having quality vacation time with the other.

God whispered grace to me by allowing me to watch two kids in my VBS class ask Jesus to be their Savior.

God whispered grace to me by building meaningful relationships with friends that have prayed over me and over my family.

Mostly, God whispered grace to me by reminding me how lucky I am that this hard season of life is not the worst, that I am still extremely blessed, and that I have the ability to bless others.

Friends: this season may be hard; this season may be heart breaking. But never forget: joy will come in the morning, and never stop listening for those whispers of grace.


Until next time-



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